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Bourbon County, Kentucky, is positioned northeast of Lexington and incorporates the intersection of state routes 68, 27 and 460. The County is home to six different townships, with Paris, KY right at the center geographically.

The County was originally established in 1785 and was historically a part of Virginia first. The County was carved off and are renamed in honor of King Louis XVI of France for their help in the Revolutionary War. The area is also famous for the creation and cultivation of Bourbon Whisky, a Kentucky standard and southern favorite in terms of spirits. However, that entire industry was eliminated in 1919 with Prohibition, and it wasn’t until 2014 when the next legal whisky distillery was put into operation again in the County. Also of historical note, not much is known from County records from the period of 1872 to 1901. That’s because the old courthouse was burned in a fire, along with all the records of that period.

As of 2016, the County population exceeded 20,100 persons, with an almost even split between rural and urban residents. The average County resident is approximately 41.5 years of age, and almost 50 percent have a college degree of some type. The average household size for the County residents is two persons, with a median household income of approximately $46,000 in 2016. This is a jump of over $15,000 since 1999 and right on par with the statewide median income level. The median house value hovered just above $151,000 in 2016, and local gross rent averages charged approximately $510 a month.

In terms of employment sources, almost half of the residents in Bourbon County are employed in some kind of agricultural or natural resource career. That generally includes agriculture and farming, forestry, game, and mining. From there the next big employer is construction at approximately 13 percent, professional services make up another 10 percent, and the remaining quarter includes various smaller industries and self-employment. Government employment as no notable representation among county residents measured.

Geographically, Paris operates as the social and physical center of the county. It has a number of shops and retail outlets for tourism as well as regional business. Many describe the towns in the County as sleepy and quiet, family-oriented, and significant change from the far more urban centers to the west. Small restaurants and home-run shops give way to large horse farms and pastures in the rural areas between towns. Many residents like the fact that living in Bourbon County is just plain slower and more relaxed than the rest of the world, which is a big attraction for newcomers who find out about area.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Kentucky, considering a purchase in the area, or just want to find out more about living in region in general, the experts at Capstone Realty Consultants can help. We have long roots and history in the area, and we keep tabs on all the listings and neighborhoods in the County. Give us a call or email to find out more.

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