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Like much of Kentucky state, Clark County was formally established only a few years after the Revolutionary War and named after a war hero, General George Rogers Clark. Today, Clark County is home to more than 36,000, of which more than 95 percent were homeowners and title to residential property. Organizationally, Clark County is broken up into five major districts and one central 6th administrative district for the county government.

With regards to transportation linkages, the major route through the County is Interstate 64 running east-west. Additionally, the area has six other state routes that allow vehicle access south of the Interstate. Winchester is the main hub of the country administrative seat, but Clark County includes three other towns as well (Colby, Pinchem, and Rabbit Town). The larger complex of Lexington, KY sits to the west of the County and is accessed via Interstate 64 or State Route 60.

As of 2016, the cost of living in the county was a bit less than the nationwide average, attracting a population of 20 percent professional, 15 percent in construction, and the remainder working in government of some type, including education. The average age of residents in Clark County is a bit older than other parts of Kentucky at 42 years. Income level averages approximately $46,000 per household, and for decades 1 out of 4 working adults was employed in manufacturing jobs in or near Winchester. Another quarter was employed by the government, including educational systems.

In terms of sights to see and richness, Clark County has an abundance of history. The county is home to at least 19 pioneer stations, which were some of the first settlements in the area prior to colonial establishment. Additionally, the County is also home to some of the oldest, standing structures in the country, representing living examples of early American architecture. The County is also home to beer cheese, a big delicacy Kentucky is famous for and has its own festival every year.

In terms of education, Clark County is ranked higher than almost 70 percent of the rest of Kentucky state, and it’s been on an improving trend. The County is also in close proximity to Lexington with major universities as well as home to Bluegrass Community & Technical College in Winchester. Additionally, Southeastern Christian College adds an additional higher education institution to the local mix as well.

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