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Steeped in history, 174 sites on the National Register of Historic Places call Fayette County home. From the Ashland mansion to Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church, history buffs will find plenty to explore here.

It offers a diverse school system with nine elementary schools of private and/or public designation, six traditional public high schools, one public specialized high school focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and five private high schools. Ten universities and colleges round out the county’s educational options.

Its largest city, the county seat of Lexington, offers the only metropolitan area. The county also includes a number of unincorporated areas: Andover, Athens, Clays Ferry, Little Texas, South Elkhorn and Todds Station, plus Colby which spills over into Clark County and Spears which spills over into Jessamine County. 

The county also contains a number of traditionally African-American communities which include Bracktown, Cadentown, Jimtown, Smithtown, Little Georgetown and Pralltown.

Overall Profile – Choose from 286 square miles of living space in Fayette County, Kentucky. The majority of the space consists of land, except the 1.9 square miles of water that comprises Lexington Reservoir Number 4. It’s the second largest county in the state with 295,803 residents, according to the 2010 census.

Demographics – Fayette County has a population density of 1,034 people per square mile. Its 135,160 housing units spread through the county at an average density of 473 units per square mile. The population lacks racial diversity with 75.7 percent of its population affiliating with white/Caucasian. 

The remainder of the population includes:

  • Black or African American, 14.5 percent,
  • Hispanic or Latino, 6.9 percent,
  • Other races, 3.7 percent,
  • Asian, 3.2 percent,
  • Two or more races, 2.5 percent,
  • Native American, 0.3 percent,
  • Pacific Islander , 0.1 percent.

About one quarter, or 25.7 percent, of its 123,043 households include children under the age of 18. The number of people who are married and living in the same household, and non-families living in the same household were nearly the same – 40.1 percent and 43.4 percent. Individual households comprised 32.7 percent of the population. The median age of the county’s residents is 33.7 years.

Market Statistics – Homes in the county vary in price, but the median cost is $229,041 with a price per square foot of $117. Median rent is $1,200. During summer 2019, about 1,100 homes were for sale. These included homes with pools and homes on the waterline.

Testimonials – Lexington’s residents favor its walkable nature. The Wood’s Creek trail provides a safe trail for runs and walks. Others recommend the Boxer Wood. The town is so walkable that six cars at a stop light is considered a traffic jam. Most people walk to work. It offers numerous shops and restaurants that cater to the college crowds and its full-time population.

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