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Jessamine County sits in the northern central part of Kentucky as a suburb region of Lexington. With a small population of over 51,000, its residents are made up of two-thirds homeowners and one-third renters.

The county was first established in 1798 as a break-off from the prior form of Fayette County. The earliest settlers in the region were predominately transplants from Virginia looking for new land parcels and homes after the Revolutionary War period. Its largest city is Nicholasville, which is also the county administrative seat and center of operations. The second main city in the county is Wilmore, which actually was the first city established historically. The main hospital in the jurisdiction is located in Nicholasville at St. Joseph’s Health, but there are also urgent care clinics as well.

The major employers in Jessamine County are education and health or social services in one out of four jobs. However, Lexington just northward tends to be the big draw for employment in dozens of professions as well as a cluster of higher education, including the University of Kentucky. For the county, professional positions also make up about 16 percent and the larger remainder of the population are in private employment. The significant economic players in the county include retail businesses, car dealers, wholesale business to business entities, restaurants, and real estate. Schools have been rated above average and follow a standard structure of multiple elementary schools funneling into middle schools and then one high school per city community.

The county is also a bedroom community for those who travel north to Lexington for employers in the larger region. The main routes through the county include state routes 27 and 68 which run in an almost parallel southwest to northeast fashion. And the southern part of the jurisdiction is framed by the Kentucky River.

The average resident in Jessamine County is just under 38 years old, and the median income level is approximately $55,000. Most residents note that the towns and communities in the locale are generally suburban in feel and amenities. That said, there are a lot of outdoor and rural parts of the county, easily allowing a resident to get away from the commute and congestion very quickly. Each town is a small community in itself with a tight-knit connection feeling and family-oriented structure. The median home value the area is approximately $170,000, and homeownership exists in the majority of properties, increasing neighborhood stability.

Nationally, Jessamine County gets high grades for livability. It’s in the top 20 scored counties for Kentucky for young professionals, health, and generally favorable places to live in the state. The county has also been selected as the home of a new national monument, Camp Nelson. Golfing, horse-racing, wineries, small business shop centers, and history are all within reach in the greater Jessamine area.

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