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Most towns and cities in Kentucky date back to right after the American Revolutionary war or were established prior to that point during the colonial era. Interestingly enough, Wilmore, KY, was created in 1876 as a result of railroad development in the regional area. Designated as a flag stop for work on a trestle bridge, which became the High Bridge Railroad Trestle spanning the Kentucky River, the location was first called Scotts Station. However, as often happened, Scotts was a landowner who got on the wrong side of the railroad, so it was then renamed after a different neighbor, Wilmore. The name stuck, and by the late 1800s, the small community had created its own businesses and a general store.

Two big changes occurred in the 1990s that reshaped Wilmore. Those were the creation of Wesley Village as well as the Thomas-Hood Veterans Center. Operating with 285 beds, the Veterans Center is the largest state facility provider for veteran care in Kentucky. Wesley Village, alternatively, provides a comprehensive senior citizen home and care system. These two entities contribute significantly to the local economy and labor pool as a result.


The current population of Wilmore KY is approximately 6,372 persons, with around 5,300 living in households and 4,525 persons in families. The average family size is similar to the rest of the state at three persons. However, the average resident age in Wilmore is notably younger than other parts of Kentucky at 26.5 years of age. The median income per household is approximately $60,100. Wilmore is home to 2,100 housing units, of which 1,120 are owned, and 780 are rented. The remainder fluctuate in and out of vacancy status. The median home price has reached approximately $192,400.


Wilmore sits southwest of Lexington KY on route 68, which runs southwest to northeast through town. It is within short driving distance of similar locations like Keene, Shakertown, Pinckard, Nicholasville, and Vineyard. Interestingly, only about 425 residents commute out of town for daily work. 1,100 resident work in town, which is not the norm for many of the smaller communities near Lexington. Much of this difference, again, is due to the big care facilities in town.


Education makes up the largest employer in Wilmore, with over 40 percent of the town’s workforce. Healthcare, food, professional, and construction make up another 17 percent. The remainder of employment is a variety of roles and functions with no major comparable groups. As noted earlier, the Veteran’s Center as well as Wesley Village both contribute significantly to local employment and economic spending in town.

Critical Services

Wilmore is served by seven other medical institutions in addition to Wesley Village. Almost all are associated with senior care, but Jessamine County Hospice is technically classified as a hospital.


In terms of grade school facilities, Wilmore has one elementary school (grades 1-5) and one combined middle and high school (grades 6-12). For higher education, residents regularly access community college and university level institutions out of town. Most are within a 15 to 25-mile commute from Wilmore.

Getting Connected

If you’re considering Wilmore KY for relocation or retirement, and you want a closer look at the town as well as its amenities, give the regional experts at Capstone Realty Consultants a call or email. They are exceptionally versed in helping out of town clients in finding the right new home in the greater Lexington, KY region, and really make the entire transplant process far easier and enjoyable.

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