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Scott County is home to the largest Toyota manufacturing facility in the world, Toyota Kentucky. This plant manufactures the Lexus ES 350 and Avalon lines of cars and holds tours five days a week, and for a neat trip back in time, you can also see a mint condition 1988 Toyota Camry located on display. Aside from horse farms and gigantic automotive manufacturer, you can also visit the Bourbon 30 distillery located in Georgetown which lies within the Bourbon Trail of distilleries located throughout central Kentucky. There are many colleges and universities located a short drive away in nearby Lexington in Fayette County.

Scott County was inhabited by the Adena Native Americans dating back to 13,000 BC. The first white explorers to settle the county happened back in 1774 with the founding of the county happening in 1792 with Kentucky’s admission to the Union as a commonwealth.
During the Civil War, Scott Country furnished men to both the Confederacy and the Union armies. Scott County is known as a “moist” county, what this entails is that the entire county is “dry” (no alcohol sales) with a “wet” (alcohol sales allowed) city that resides in the county.

Scott County has seen sustained population growth in the last 50 years, especially in the last 30 years with a 1990 census population of 23,867 and an estimated population of 56,031 in 2018. The median income for a Scott County household was $47,081 and almost 9% were below the poverty line.

The economy in Scott County is better than average with the unemployment rate at 3.3%, which is slightly better than the US average of 3.9%. The job market has increased by 1.4% over the last 12 months, which also shows an improving economy. Another tell-tale sign lies within the future job growth numbers, 10-year job growth lies at 41.2%, significantly higher than the national average of 33.5%. These numbers are tied in with nearby Fayette County which also looks toward future job growth within the Lexington sprawl. Scott County looks toward a positive job futures market and future population growth with Lexington employees looking to live outside the city. Contact a Capstone Realty Consultant for more information on Real Estate within Scott County, Kentucky.

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