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Sadieville, KY, sits in the central northern part of Kentucky and is the epitome of smalltown America. The town was established like many areas in Kentucky during the 1800s as a railroad stop. The local post office was provided in 1878, and the town was officially named in 1880. Since then, Sadieville has grown and ebbed due to whatever major business used it as a meeting point. During its early years, for example, the town was a central market and trade point for horses and mules.


In terms of location, Sadieville is positioned adjacent to Interstate 75, which runs north and south, and it is bisected by state route 32 from west to east. The nearest large urban center includes Georgetown and Lexington to the south. Unlike other locations in Kentucky, Sadieville is a bit remote, with only three towns some distance from its location (Corinth to the north, Connersville to the east along route 32 and Moon Lake Estates south towards Georgetown. It’s a great location for those who really want to get away from the city and suburbs entirely to the Kentucky countryside.


For years Sadieville has hovered around 200 in terms of population, but in recent estimates, it has grown by a third, reaching a total of 349 persons and residents in 2017. The median age of residents is just about 37 years of age, and the median household income measures at approximately $50,700. This is slightly above the state measure of the same.

Real Estate Values

In terms of property values and the most likely cost range for an interested buyer, the median home price in Sadievilleruns between $127,500 and $137,500, depending on which source one looks at. Approximately one-third of the homes in the area are owned, and two-thirds are rented. The average property rent is approximately $670/month. While the town has a high percentage of renting residents, that doesn’t mean the location is a consolidation of apartment buildings. Most of the real estate for domiciles are detached houses or mobile homes.

Local Economy

The town’s economic base is predominantly transportation equipment and office functions. The remaining two-thirds of the local business base includes construction, education, plastics production, and government or public administration. For the labor base locally, one out of three residents work either in trucking and delivery or in manufacturing. Management makes up another 10 percent, including agricultural roles. Farming, office support, and inventory handling make up another 15 percent. The remainder is split a variety of different functions or working out of town.


Sadieville is served by multiple offices, hospitals, and clinics within a 20 to 40-mile radius, but it has no hospital or clinic of its own per se. It is quite common for residents to have to drive for critical services, so any relocation to the area needs to take this into account with reliable personal transportation.

Education access is similar. Higher education can be reached in Georgetown and Lexington. The nearest universities include Kentucky State University in Frankfort and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, both to the south. There are also multiple junior colleges and trade schools in Lexington, Florence, Maysville, and Highland Heights.

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