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Stamping Ground, Kentucky sits deep in north-central Kentucky in an out of the way location that can avoid traffic and reference if one doesn’t know exactly where to look for the town. Stamping Ground has as been in existence since at least the 1800s, but its growth remains extremely slow and barely registers statewide.


Stamping Ground was originally just a grazing area for local bison. Eventually, farmers moved into the area and claimed the land, and a small community established a town name in 1817. No surprise, the town was named Herdonsville after the major family in the area. That original name didn’t last very long, however. Some 17 years later, it was changed to Stamping Ground in remembrance of the bison herds. Only the local post office held onto the original name until 1834.


Stamping Ground is a town that follows the shape of the two roads that intersect it. The jurisdiction is split like an X by state route 227 and route 1688. It is essentially at the midpoint between Frankfort and Georgetown, but because Stamping Ground is a bit north and off the beaten path, it’s really easy to miss traveling between the two.


Today, 875 people call Stamping Ground home. Interestingly, the town doesn’t follow the typical small-town stereotype of being home to senior citizens. The average resident age in Stamping Ground is a mid-point 34 years. The median household income for the town is approximately $33,550, and 380 people work locally. The average property value markets at roughly $122,500.

Labor and Economy

As mentioned above, the local economy is supported by 380 residents who predominantly work either in fabrication and manufacturing, retail, or construction. The construction side provides the highest income among positions available, and this is followed either by management work in waste removal.


There is only one school physically located in Stamping Ground, aptly named Stamping Ground Elementary School. That said, further education institutions are within commuting distance, and nationally famous universities can be reached in Georgetown to the southeast.

Getting a Better Look

If you’re looking for an excellent place to live that is out of the way or a quiet retirement location, Stamping Ground is a very solid candidate for a prime location. The real estate experts at Capstone Realty Consultants can point out great properties and homes for sale to meet your needs and expectations. Their experience depth of knowledge of the region is hard to compete against, making Capstone a great resource to rely on for finding the right new home for you.

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