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Located in Kentucky since 1788, Woodford County dates back almost to the beginning of the country in terms of history. Almost 10 years ago, the county was home to approximately 24,940 persons, a slight increase of 1,700 from a decade earlier. A large majority of that figure is made up of families and family households, which makes Woodford County very much a bedroom, community-oriented locale versus other parts of the state that might be far more sparse or more urban-oriented.

Geographically, Woodford County sits smack in the center of Kentucky and its Bluegrass region. Technically, it is oriented as a suburb to the west of Lexington and Fayette County, much larger population centers of the state. The county administrative center and seat is in the town of Versailles. Historically, the county carries the name of an American general from the Revolutionary War. General Woodford fought for a number of years and was captured by the British; he died as a prisoner of war in 1780, four years after the Declaration of Independence was announced. The County itself was established in 1788, but it waited another four years before the jurisdiction joined what would ultimately become the Commonwealth and then State of Kentucky. Woodford County also spun off two smaller sections from itself, Scott County in 1792 and Franklin County two years later.

In terms of population demographics, Woodford County is home to almost 8,900 households. Among its residents, 35 percent have children under age 18, and 62 percent are married. Just under 10 percent are women-only households, and 25 percent are single owners or non-family residents. The average household contains about 2.5 persons on average, but the family size average is almost three persons even, meaning, statistically, two-thirds of homes are nuclear style families.

Economically, Woodford County’s median income per household is approximately $49,490, but families, specifically, bring in a higher level of income at $58,200. About 7 percent of the population in-county are officially below the national poverty line, and of that figure, 21 percent are under 18 or over age 65. In terms of property values, Woodford County commands a bit higher value than other locations in the greater region. The median property is valued at approximately $188,200; part if this is due to the fact that 70 percent of the County population live in a home versus high-density housing.

Labor Demographics

Woodford County’s labor market is made up of a large number of commuters who earn higher than average income outside of the county and bring it back to the local market. Utilities, government, and manufacturing make up the lion’s share of income generation and occupation areas for residents. The most common role of employed is a position in management as well as office positions. The third highest group are those who work in sales careers. Interestingly, the County also employs a notable cluster of people working in agriculture and fishing.

Average vehicle ownership hovers at about two cars per household. Interstate 64 cuts across the top of the County, but it’s state routes 60, 62, and 9002 that are the main traffic conduits. The average trip to major centers regionally is about 21 minutes by car. For education, the main institution in the County is Midway University, with most college graduates focusing on business and nursing. For primary education, the County public school system provides 2 high schools, 5 elementary schools, and 1 preschool.

Getting a Closer Look

If you’re thinking about a relocation or move near Lexington, Kentucky, Woodford County would be an excellent place to look, especially for a growing family. It has all the right elements and is far enough away from the urban center to avoid many of the big city issues. Capstone Realty Consultants can help, providing local expertise and knowledge to find you the best new home or living package in the area. Give us a call today to find out more or when you’re ready to begin local research.

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