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As a classic small-town Kentucky neighborhood out of the main racket of urban areas, Midway provides its residents a country type living style that is still very close to urban centers and more populated job centers. If folks never want to be in a city, Midway is a great location for a getaway. But it’s also close enough to enjoy a short commute to Frankfort or Lexington for work or school and far more amenities of concentrated development.


Midway, Kentucky has a history that goes far deeper than its European roots. The area was populated by ancient indigenous cultures, proven by the fact that the Mound Builders evidence still shapes the local geography quite a bit on current farms nearby. The recorded version of Midway was first established in 1832, a good amount of time after the colonies and Revolutionary War had already occurred. The driving force of Midway’s creation was similar to a lot of later towns, first being a stop for a railroad line cutting through the area and then an actual town in its own right. The community gained its current town name a few years later in 1837.


Today the modern town of Midway, KY, sits in the northern part of Woodford County. Well known as the Bluegrass Region with a long history of racing horse breeding, Midway is also well-populated with farming and emphasis on tobacco and corn crops as well as cattle-raising.

In terms of transportation routes, Midway is split by Interstate 64, running west to east. Eventually, both ends lead either to Frankfort or Lexington to the East. Midway also sits on the northeast corner of state route 62, which leads either to Versailles to the south or Lexington to the southeast.


Midway is home to approximately 1,800 residents as of 2017. This count has only grown 11 percent since 2000. The median household income for the same year measured roughly $59,900, and the median household property value was about $179,700.

Labor and Economy

The major employers in the town are split up between government & education, agriculture, and health care. Government services employ at least one out of five working adults in the town and agriculture 1 in 10. The remainder are in a smattering of roles as technical professionals, construction, or transport jobs.


In terms of primary education, Midway only has one school: Northside Elementary School, which handles classes of pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. The town itself has no mid-grade school or high school, but two colleges call Midway home. One higher education institution is also in town. Midway College provides a private higher education degree path, including a masters degree program. The town is also fairly close to a number of other Universities in Frankfort and Lexington, including the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University.

Getting a Better Look

If you’re thinking about relocating to Kentucky near Lexington, then Midway might be the right location for you. Capstone Realty Consultants can easily show you great small town opportunities in the area for potential new homes and small-town living. Give them a call to find out more.

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