Every family has a time when they will be faced with a move. The move can happen for many reasons. You may be forced to take a new job, or your family has outgrown the home you are currently living in. Whatever the reason for the move, you will have a lot of things that will need to happen in a short amount of time. Here are some tips that will help make the process easier and answer any questions that you may have along the way about how much do moving companies charge.

Take a Little Time to Research Your Options

Finding the right moving company for your needs will take some time. If you know that your move is months away, then you have some time to research things out properly. However, some people have to make a move in a hurry. Here are something that you will want to consider when researching your options.


Depending on the state in which you live, there may be some requirements for moving companies. Most often, they will need to license and insured. Even if your state does not require it, you will want to obtain a copy of their insurance policy to protect yourself from any damages that they may cause. Being licensed and insured gives you the peace of mind to know that your belongings are safe.

Look at Reviews

There is a big debate as to the reliability of reviews. Some companies have been accused of paying people to leave positive reviews. But that is an issue that is still being debated. You can tell if a review is valid or not by reading any response to the customer from the company. If the company is monitoring reviews, then you will know that they care about their customers. On bad reviews, the company will reach out to the person and try to solve the issue.

Consider the bad reviews but only to a certain point. In some cases, the customer was the problem and not the moving company. It may be hard to sift through the hatred and frustration of such a review, but you will need to look for the truth. If the company has responded to the bad review, then you can rest assured that they have at least tried to rectify the problem.

As you research their reputation, look around the community and see what others are saying. Most companies today have networked themselves together. So, feel free to ask about a company or see what they are like in the community. If they are involved, then they will be known by people that live in the neighborhoods.

One final piece of information is to look for a physical address. This will be a place where you can actually go and see their trucks and talk with real people. Avoid any companies that have a post office address. Most likely their office is the cab of their truck. These are the people that you will want to avoid.

Understanding that Bill

A moving company will have a lot of extra services that they can offer you for the move. They might offer to pack and unpack your items for you. Or, they might offer to put the items in the rooms for you. Either way, you will want to know about the charges before you agree to the service. After all, everything they do will cost you financially in the end.

Packing and then Unpacking

This is the hardest part for any person to go through. Most of the time you have no time to spend on these tasks. But they must be done before the mover shows up. As a help to customers, the moving company has the service of helping to pack and unpack. The fees for such services are usually by the hour. For people with no time to spare this option has its advantages.

The movers do know how to pack things. They will arrive with all kinds of boxes and packing material. Each item that you have will be packed away safely. And since you already know that they are insured, then you can rest knowing that any accidents will be paid for. Any oddly shaped objects will be packed accordingly. You will not have to worry about finding the right box or crate for an item because the movers will already have them.

Moving Furniture

This option is a real lifesaver in that you do not have to mess around trying to take apart the three-piece desk in the office. The company you hire will come out and dismantle everything for you. They will also assemble the furniture as it arrives at your new home. The moving company may charge by the hour or by the piece. So, it will be important to ask them before having them work on your furniture.


This charge tends to surprise customers. If the movers have to traverse a long path, you will end up paying for it in the end. In some cases, this may affect the unloading process altogether. The company may have the policy that the trailer is left, and the customer has to unload their own items. It would be a wise thing to find a spot close to your new home for the movers to be able to use so that they can unload the cargo without much effort. It will save you a bunch of money in the end.

Look Out for the Stairs

The stairs are a significant headache for a moving company. The more items they have to take upstairs will cost you more money in the end. Time is everything for the moving company. They have a matrix that they use that allows so much time to be spent at each home. Any more than that, and they will start to charge you for the delay. The more that you can do yourself will save you more when the process is finished.

Considering the Storage Option

In some cases, the company will offer to store your household items for a few months while you look for a new home. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens and you cannot close on the new home, that your items are safe and sound. Before choosing this option, know what the monthly rate is going to be, and have it added to your paperwork.

Avoiding the Terrors of Moving

Moving can be a person’s worst nightmare. But it really does not have to be all that bad. Here are some things that you can do to make the process as easy as possible.

Stay Organized

Nothing ruins a move like disorganization. You will want to have a centralized place for all the paperwork that you are about to get. Get a small accordion file and use it to store paperwork from the movers, gas receipts, and any other expenses that you incur from the move. You will want to have all of these in hand when it comes time to pay taxes next cycle as some moves can be written off.

Stay Calm

When dealing with a lot of things at once, it will become easy to get upset. When furniture problems come up, take a step backward, and come back to it an hour later. The break from the stress will help you see the issue from a different perspective. Budget issues can also create problems. This is where all the research comes in handy. List out your budget and known expenditures. Set aside some money for overages to avoid the stress.

Know Traffic Patterns

If you are driving the truck yourself, it would be a good idea to avoid high traffic areas during rush hours. By traveling during these times, the risk of an accident in a vehicle you are not accustomed to driving increases dramatically. Look for alternative routes around downtown areas. When parking for dinner, look for restaurants with large parking lots that you can easily take up several spots with. Always use the pull-through option to avoid having to back the truck up.

Dealing With Labeling

Everyone has asked about the location of one item or another during a move. There is nothing more frustrating than to think something is in a certain box only to find out that it was the other one. Here are some things that will help you settle in faster and with ease.

Think One Day at a Time

When you first arrive at the home, it will be necessary to set up the necessities first. This means finding clothing and setting up beds for nighttime. It may also mean finding plates and dishes in order to eat off of them. This should be the focus or your first day. During this day, you will also want to clean the house. Disinfect all areas before using them to avoid the nasty bugs of the previous owner.

Setup One Room at a Time

If you are like most people, then you labeled every box so it can be put in the right room. That was a great idea. Because now you can take one room at a time and unpack it with ease. The main living areas should be done first and then move into other areas that are used less. The one thing to remember is to set up a base area. This area becomes the place where people can relieve stress and just relax. You may find that the kitchen is that room where everyone will want to be during this time.

Moving to your new home can be very stressful. Finding the right real estate agent can help make the process much smoother. At Capstone Realty Consultants, we will help you find the next place you will call home. We can also guide you on steps to make the move a warm and happy memory instead of a headache. Give us a call today.